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Eurovision 2023

With Eurovision 2023 being held in our hometown, Liverpool, we have designed our own Eurovision range of t-shirts incorporating both Ukraine and Liverpool!

It is hard not to be biased, however, we feel that our designs – despite being unofficial – are a lot more original and exciting than the official Eurovision t-shirts and other unoffficial designs!

We have seemed to have started the Eurovision craze with t-shirts, with our first one being released back in October 2022, as many people are now starting to put up their own designs at similar prices to our own – considering only a few weeks ago most designs were mostly text costing over £18!

So if you want any Eurovision merch – that makes you catch Eurofever – come to the #1 #thetrendsetters Unmarked Clothes!

Also check out our TeePublic page for even more Eurovision merch!

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